Galvanized Drive-/tension section with motor and right mounted Nordgear, overflow sensor and inspection window Ø300 inlet/end outlet Tail section or tail-/tension section Extensions 2 m, 1 m and 0,5 m Heavy duty 40x6 125 mm pitch Bottom with 10 mm Nonfric wear plate Bottom/sides/top 3/3/2 mm Weight per meter empty/full approx. 57/119 kg Free span up to 6 m Chain speed 0,47/0,57 m/s Capacity: 100/120 t/h in 0,75 t/m³ dry and clean grain
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Chain conveyor SR100
Chain conveyors SR100 (inclined 10°-30°)
Chain conveyors for pit SR100
Chain conveyors for pit SR100 with 30°- 45° bend