Solutions for handling, drying and aerating grains and crops

This is why we call ourselves the best partner in the in the field of transport and aeration of grain and other crops.


What do you get at SOBY, besides iron? We call ourselves the industry's best business partner. We ensure this by being uncompromising on 10 points, which we talk about here.

You can count on us. This is the most important message that the points in the SOBY Circle convey. Why do we call it a circle? Because every point revolves around your business, as the core of our business.

The SOBY Circle is part of our cooperation strategy and must ensure that you get the best cooperation partner in the industry when you do business with SOBY.


Have you seen the animation? Click on the film and see how SØBY's Grain Pump Loop works - here with the SG100...


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One of the leading manufacturers of transport systems and solutions for handling, drying and airing of grain, crops and other bulk goods – nationally as well as internationally.