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This is why we call ourselves the best partner in the business

When you do business with SØBY, you should be able to count on us altogether - we want to be the best business partner in the business, now and in the future. This must be felt in our dealer network and with the users of our products. It should be easy to do business with SØBY and easy to figure out how we work to give you this experience.

As such we have divided the effort into 10 promises, which describe how you might expect to experience a cooperation. Together we call them the SØBY Circle but, it is your company that the promises and efforts circle around. You can count on us – that’s actually the most important message.

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SØBY towards 2025: Strategy, vision, and mission

Through 60 years SØBY has developed and produced solutions for conveying and aeration of grain and other crops. Today the business is run by 3rd generation after the founder, and still with the clear vision to be the preferred partner within the agro industry.

Future focus on customers and markets
After our transition from 2nd to 3rd generation in 2015, we embarked on a thorough strategy process that guided us safely through the first five years. At that time, we took another thorough look at the strategy and determined a new, ambitious direction for SØBY towards 2025 - a direction with a full focus on our customers, credibility, digitization, and growth.

Looking ahead to what we do best 
With two strategy processes behind us, we have been confirmed that our strength lies in handling solutions for medium and large agriculture and agriculture-related industry.

The analyzes clearly show that we are good at dealing with our customers loyally and reliably throughout the entire business process. We have a high level of cooperation with the dealers and a great attention to the market. Our products are still among the industry's most stable and durable, and it remains part of the strategy to maintain this high standard.

Mission and vision for the future SØBY
The direction and the new goals are set with high ambitions for the future. To help us in the right direction, the strategy has been divided into themes, which should be the focal point for where SØBY should be in 2025.

Four strategic themes

1. Greenline – a greener line for SØBY's products

SØBY wants to be more aware of energy optimization, resource wastage and process efficiency. The vision and success factor for the theme is to develop new, optimized product ranges that require fewer resources to produce. They must basically have the same functionality as corresponding product series.

2. Durability - longer lifetime should increase the customer's total benefit

SØBY will ensure the longest possible product life for our customers, so that they experience a high overall benefit from our solutions. In addition to maintaining the processes that already contribute to high quality, we will develop renovation concepts which extend the lifetime of the products. We also want to influence the product life by upgrading to new technologies and more energy-efficient operation.

3. Insights in use - the end user's understanding of the task should optimize product development

SØBY will improve its insight into what happens at the end user. By understanding the task better, we can optimize our solutions and advice regarding use and maintenance. We must obtain the necessary knowledge by monitoring and analyzing data through e.g., IOT-solutions. In this way, we can advise based on facts, such as ROI, energy, and CO2 calculations.

4. Organization - curiosity must ensure our focus towards customers and markets

SØBY wants to be a curious, visionary, and competent organization with a culture where our employees act intuitively to create the most possible value for the customer. We want to keep the family spirit that characterizes a company with credibility and community at its foundation - but we are also embarking on an exciting transformation, where we are moving away from a focus on production and instead direct our attention to our customers, business partners and markets. This means that we will continue to develop our internal competences across the organization. We want to be curious and invite future technologies and new processes into our daily lives.


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