About SOBY

The SOBY Circle

This is why we call ourselves the best partner in the business


What do you get at SOBY, besides iron? We call ourselves the industry's best business partner. We ensure this by being uncompromising on 9 points, which we talk about here.

You can count on us. This is the most important message that the points in the SOBY Circle convey. Why do we call it a circle? Because every point revolves around your business, as the core of our business.

The SOBY Circle is part of our cooperation strategy and must ensure that you get the best cooperation partner in the industry when you do business with SOBY.


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For 60 years, SØBY has developed and produced solutions for transporting and aerating grain and other crops. We will continue to be the partner of choice in the agro-industry, based on a digital and reliable approach to solving our task.


In connection with the generational change in 2015, we went through a thorough strategy process, which has led us safely through the first five years but third generation at the helm. In December 2020, we implemented another strategy process, in which we have set a new ambitious direction for SØBY towards 2023. The key words are credibility, digitalisation and growth.

The process has confirmed to us that our strength lies in the handling of solutions for medium and large farms as well as agricultural-related industries.

The analysis clearly shows that SØBY handles all customers loyally and faithfully. We pick up the phone when it rings. We help the customer when needed, and above all we have a really good product.

The direction and new goals are set with high ambitions for the future. To help us in the right direction, we have, on the basis of thorough analysis work in the strategy, prepared a new vision and mission as a guiding star for where SØBY will be in 2023.

SØBY's Vision towards 2023

"SØBY is the preferred partner of uncompromising total experiences for the national and international agro-industry, based on a digital and reliable approach"

SØBY's Mission towards 2023

“In partnership with competent dealers, SØBY offers the modern agro-industry a recognized and well-documented product program within aeration and transport of crops, responsibly produced in a high-tech environment. Innovation, credibility, employee commitment and service in a class of their own, together set new industry standards. ”

SOBY's Values

  • Credible
  • Uncompromising
  • Innovative
  • Family spirit


For several decades, we have focused on high-tech production. Today, the machine park includes CNC punching machines, robot welding, robot bending and our own CNC machining center - in short, we punch, bend and weld pretty much everything ourselves. We are behind our product. We can do this because we have shaped the steel with our own hands and machines, which will eventually become the end product. In a SØBY solution, you will find our fingerprints on 90 percent of the product, while special components from selected subcontractors make up the last 10 percent. It provides quality, coherence and, a high degree of flexibility in our solutions. We have our own test facility, here we sample solutions and simulate different situations. At the same time, we develop and test new products.


Under the menu item products, detailed information about the individual products in our program can be found. The machines can be used for transport and aeration. In these cases, ATEX compatible components must be selected according to the desired ATEX zone. All our machines are CE marked and approved. Our bearings, walkways and towers are classified as building steel, and are in accordance with DS / EN 1090-2, EXC 2 (CE marked).

We work closely with our dealers at home and abroad, that way we get very useful feedback on our products. A feedback we use to make product adjustments and changes.


Our staff consists of 45 competent, loyal and highly experienced employees who provide their best to our dealers and their customers every day. Our solutions are a broad collaboration across the organization which ensures that the customer always comes first. We have a permanent staff all year round, so we ensure high professionalism and minimize errors. We have a good working climate and a staff of passionate employees - together we always strive to provide the best service in the industry.


Denmark is our home market, here we have been selling products to Danish agriculture since the 1960s. Exports have been part of our DNA since the 1980s and today we export more than half of our production to dealers around Europe. Our quality, know-how and service are recognized both in Denmark and in large parts of Europe.