Production is running at full speed all summer

We are approaching the summer and high season. This means that we at SOBY have set all sails to be ready for the season's demand. The warehouse is full and production is running at full speed.

Dealer case: SOBY keeps our promises!

"Trust is fundamental in any business, not least in the grain industry. It's about mutual trust between partners. While contracts are important, it's a verbal agreement and the action that goes with it that really counts".

Technical Days for dealers - March, 2024

Join us for a few exciting and pleasant days, where we will teach about our product range, demonstrate the production and visit a local customer. Of course, we will also have social gatherings and networking.

Grain cleaning: How to ensure optimal quality

Grain cleaning and crop quality are part of the core tasks we have solved over decades. Therefore, we can recommend the solutions that ensure the lowest possible costs and optimal grain quality.