SOBY towards 2025: Dedicated to your green goals

Sustainable measures and green transition mean more and more in all industries, also in a traditional industry such as agriculture. You can count on SOBY contributing to the task...

Wrap for bucket elevators: SOBY's solution is now standard

A customer experienced problems with the transport of grass pellets in a bucket elevator. The solution was a specially developed module for mounting at the bottom of the bucket elevator – a wrap, which is today offered as a standard solution from SOBY.

SOBY have completed the EU funding programme SMV:Grøn

SOBY works with the development of a greener business model, which comes all the way around the company. As part of the project, we have been part of the EU-funding programme SMV:Grøn, which has made external consultants available.

Updated price list: buy leftovers with a 5% online discount

Find the latest price list on the dealer portal. Here you can also see discontinued products and items in remaining stock. The remaining stock can be found on our webshop. If you order online, we give an additional discount of 5%.

Reduced energy surcharge from May 1st, 2023

Last year, rising prices meant that we had to raise the energy surcharge on all orders. We are very pleased that we now see changes in the market which make it possible to lower the surcharge again!

Happy Easter - we are just a click away!

Our Danish facilities will be closed for the national holidays from 6-10 April - but we are no more than a click away! The webshop is open 24-7, ensuring that you can move on with your project right away!