Watch the film: The CNC robot with GoPro

Watch from the front row when our CNC benders are at work with the GoPro on the sidelines. Here you can see when the automation process is running full of rubbish.

Watch the film: You can count on us to deliver!

You can count on our high standard for delivery time, both in high and low season. When it is low season, we produce components and machines for storage. Hear our warehouse manager tell more about how you can always count on SOBY.

Production is running at full speed all summer

We are approaching the summer and high season. This means that we at SOBY have set all sails to be ready for the season's demand. The warehouse is full and production is running at full speed.

Dealer case: SOBY keeps our promises!

"Trust is fundamental in any business, not least in the grain industry. It's about mutual trust between partners. While contracts are important, it's a verbal agreement and the action that goes with it that really counts".