About SOBY  

SOBY is a traditional, family-run company having developed and produced solutions for transport and aeration of grain and other crops for more than 60 years.


We have a wide range of products including transport equipment, cleaning, and airing of grain and other crops. Grain Pump Loops, chain elevators, bucket elevators, conveyors, augers, and blowers are just some of the products we offer.  We have a capacity ranging from 5 to 175 t/h depending on the demand of the individual solution.


We manufacture both finished components as well as spare parts for stock. This provides delivery certainty and short delivery times – even during the peak season.



During the generation change in 2015 we have undergone a thorough strategy process, which has led us safely through the first five years with the third generation at the helm. In December 2020, we carried out another strategy process, in which we set a new ambitious direction for SØBY towards 2023. The watchwords are credibility, digitization, and growth.


This process has confirmed that our strength is the handling of solutions for medium sized and large farms as well as for the agriculture-related industry.


The analysis clearly shows that SOBY handles all customers loyally and faithfully. We answer the phone when it rings. We help the customer when needed, and above all we do have a really good product.


We have set the direction and new goals with high ambitions for the future.


To help us in the right direction, we have based on thorough analysis work in the strategy, prepared a new vision and mission as a beacon for where SOBY will be in 2023.


SOBY’s Vision towards 2023:

“SOBY is the preferred partner of uncompromising total experiences for the national and international agro-industry, based on a digital and reliable approach”.


SOBY’s Mission towards 2023:

“In partnership with competent dealers SOBY offers the modern agro-industry a recognized and well-documented product program within aeration and transport of crops, responsibly produced in a high-tech environment. Innovation, credibility, employee commitment and service in a class of their own, altogether set new standards within the industry”.


SOBY’s Values:

  • Credibility
  • Uncompromising
  • Innovative
  • Family spirit



For several decades we have focused on high technology production. Today the machine park counts among others CNC punching machines, robot welding, robot bending and our own CNC processing centre – in short, we punch, bend and weld practically everything ourselves. We stand behind our product.  We are able to do so because with our own hands we have shaped the steel, which eventually becomes the end product. In a SOBY solution you will find our finger prints on 90 percent of the product, whereas special components from selected subcontractors represent the last 10 percent. This provides quality, context and a large degree of flexibility in our solutions.  We have our own test facility, and here we sample solutions and simulate various situations. At the same time we develop and test new products.



Under the menu item products, you will find detailed information about the individual products in our range.  All our solutions that include motors are certified according to ATEX. We rank all products according to ATEX, enabling you to choose equipment depending on in which zone you want to use it.  All our machines are CE-marked and approved. Products in the category of catwalks, i.e., towers, platforms and ladders, are certified in accordance with the EU standard EN-1090 for structural steel.


We work closely together with our dealers at home and abroad, and as such we receive a lot of useful feedback on our products. We use this feedback to adapt and change our products.



We have a staff of 45 competent, loyal and very experienced employees. They are doing their utmost every day for our dealers and their customers. Our solution is based on cooperation across the organization, which ensures that the customer comes first.  We have a permanent staff all year round, so we ensure high professionalism and minimize errors. We have a good working climate, with a staff of passionate employees - together we strive to provide the industry's best service.  



Denmark is our domestic market, and since the 1960’es we have sold products to the Danish agriculture. Export has been a part of our DNA since the 1980’es, and today we export more than half of the production to dealers around Europe. Our quality, knowhow and service are acknowledged in both Denmark as well as in a large part of Europe.



All products are documented in 2D and 3D files, which are available for our dealers on this site. User friendliness is a keyword for us. We wish to make the design as easy as possible for our dealers. We of course advise about our own products, but we will also be pleased to give you a professional answer to the complete solution.


As a dealer you will also be able to find user instructions, spare parts lists, sketches and brochures under the individual products on this website. 


In other words, with SOBY you will get a dynamic partner, who with tradition, knowledge and uncompromisingly is able to create solutions, which will make a difference every day in the daily work for the end user.


Welcome to SOBY.

SØBY - Trusted Since 1961

One of the leading manufacturers of transport systems and solutions for handling, drying and airing of grain, crops and other bulk goods – nationally as well as internationally.

One of the leading manufacturers of transport systems and solutions for handling, drying and airing of grain, crops and other bulk goods – nationally as well as internationally.