The circle - what do you get at SØBY in addition to iron? We want to be the most competent partner of the industry. That is secured by a no-compromise attitude towards 9 key points of cooperation, which are described below. Soon the key points will be available as a graphic to visually communiacate our business to you as a partner.


Delivery security

Some say we have the industry’s shortest delivery time. During the low season, we produce components and machines for stock. Thus, you can count on our high delivery time standard during the high season. We keep our skilled employees regardless of the season. Thus, we can maintain our professional level and stability. Therefore, most of the machines and components in our catalogue are in stock all year round. And this is how you as a customer benefit from a fast response time and high delivery security.


Industry knowledge

At SØBY, we are specialists in the transport and aeration of crops. We never stop improving our skills and experience. We have established an important network and work together with some of the industry’s best dealers. We cultivate our hinterland so that your solutions are produced and delivered by committed, loyal and professionally skilled employees.



We want you to have the industry's best service when you trade with SØBY. If you need advice during the assembly of your product, we are ready to assist you. You can also count on us if you need guidance on a complete project. At SØBY, we know that knowledge and sparring make a difference for you as dealers. Our competent staff is ready to help you with advice on products, specifications and sparring on precisely your project.


Broad product range

Unique needs require unique solutions. Therefore, we have put together a broad range of products in terms of capacity, customisation, and economy. The systems can move from 5 to 175 tons of crops per hour, and you can get everything from smaller augers to large conveyors, bucket elevators, Grain Pumps, and fans.



Being a customer at SØBY should be easy. Therefore, you will find 2D and 3D drawings for virtually all our products at as both PDF and step files. You will also find a list of spare parts and instructions. For all fans, you can also find noise and power measurements. All machines are, of course, CE-labelled and Atex-approved and follow all requirements of the EU’s Machine Directive.


Test centre

We can guarantee that SØBY's products meet the real world with the requisite strength and quality. New machines and components are tested in our test centre, which we call ‘The Mill’. Here, we have facilities in a full scale and realistic environment. We gather the knowledge, data and documentation needed to make your next project even stronger. They become part of our product range only when new solutions have been tested and adapted.



We want our customers to experience a connection between their expectations and experience. This makes demands on our quality, also when it comes to development and production. Therefore, we use the latest technology and educate our employees to be among the most skilled in the industry. Quality is a well-considered product. There are fewer breakdowns, long durability, easy service, and considerable security. Quality is our pride, and we are here for you to feel the difference.



We stand behind our solutions, and you should be able to feel it. This also applies when products need to be maintained or repaired. We have wearing parts, machines, and equipment in stock. Together with our network of dealers, we can solve the task quickly and efficiently. Production can then quickly be restored, with a minimum of time wasted.


Knowledge and guidance

Our knowledge of the industry makes us a competent partner. We meet you with knowhow, built up since the company's start in 1961. We simply know everything about grain and feed transport and know the optimal conditions behind an efficient solution. With us, you get a technologically strong and innovative advisor. We are motivated by being the best within the industry. This also applies to our employees, who are trained to find market-leading, stable solutions for your project.



SØBY - Trusted Since 1961

One of the leading manufacturers of transport systems and solutions for handling, drying and airing of grain, crops and other bulk goods – nationally as well as internationally.

One of the leading manufacturers of transport systems and solutions for handling, drying and airing of grain, crops and other bulk goods – nationally as well as internationally.