19 May 2023

Updated price list: buy leftovers with a 5% online discount

Updated price list: Buy remainders online with a 5% discount

Dear dealer.

There is now an updated price list on the dealer portal in both PDF and Excel versions.

Excluded from our range and thus the price list are:


  • Round arch channels: No. 80010000 - 80070000
  • Silo walls: No. 80810000 – 80810043


Accessories are still part of the product range

Accessories for round arch ducts No. 80100000 – 80370000 will still be found in our product range.

We still have a stock of round arch ducts in certain sizes, so if you want to secure some for the coming harvest, please feel free to contact us.


Order via webshop and save 5%

As long as stocks last, you can find the product on our webshop, subject to intermediate sales.

If you order online, we give an additional discount of 5%

Sold as 1/1 pallets unless the remaining stock is below this number.

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