10 August 2023

SOBY have completed the EU funding programme SMV:Grøn

SOBY works with the development of a greener business model, which comes all the way around the company. As part of the project, we have been part of the EU-funding programme SMV:Grøn, which has made external consultants available. They have looked at all potentials for introducing sustainable initiatives, from business partners to production processes.

The funding programme SMV:Grøn has been an important support for SØBY in the process of introducing a more sustainable way of thinking. Mette Frantsen, director and co-owner of SOBY, explains that the external consultants from the program helped to challenge the management and the employees, so that a coherent process was ensured.

Sustainable measures in three areas
Mette Frantsen says that SOBY is now working to introduce and monitor sustainable measures in three bottom lines; profit, social and planet. "We have learned that a circular economy, where everything has value, is an important part of promoting sustainability all around our company. With the project, we are trying to move from being good at manufacturing solutions to integrating our customers' business right down to a production level. We are moving from an analogue to a digital way of thinking. It's a big challenge that requires a broad adjustment from both employees and dealers", she explains.

Mapped climate footprint and concrete measures
The new strategy has focused on how the company can reduce its climate footprint by integrating sustainable initiatives throughout the business. Mette Frantsen explains that SOBY has mapped its climate footprint and found areas where concrete steps can be taken towards more sustainable production.

"We have looked at purchasing, energy consumption and waste management, as well as optimizing our processes and supplier cooperation. Among other things, we work to reduce waste in production by investing in new technology, so e.g. raw materials are used better," she says.

How far has SØBY come with the sustainable initiatives? Read more about the project's status here:

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