10 October 2023

Product development at SOBY: complex solutions in simple wrapping

Meet our employees: Niels Bundgaard develops complex solutions in simple wrapping

Niels Bundgaard is working as product developer and technical specialist at SOBY. He has a deep interest in agricultural machinery, and in addition to growing up on a farm, he has worked with stable mechanization, selling grain conveying systems and worked as a machine consultant at the agricultural organizations in North Jutland. At SØBY, Niels has become part of the company's technical core, where his role as product developer and technical specialist gives him the opportunity to contribute with completely unique perspectives.

Close contact between engineering and customers
Niels' tasks in the technical department at SØBY range widely. He dimensions machines and tests plants in practice. He meets the farmers in the field and collaborates with suppliers to develop special solutions. This provides a very close contact between the development of solutions and the end customers using the systems of SØBY in practice.  

” You meet me in many contexts. It might be in the project department, with installers or dealers. I act as technical backup for our sales team, and I am also in contact with farmers and other end customers, when I am “out in the field”.  Furthermore, I have the dialogue with our suppliers, where I challenge and look for special solutions," he explains.

Understanding the farmers' expectations provides unique solutions
Niels himself believes that his expertise is beneficial in special solutions, because he can meet special requests for function or product. ”With my background, I have a deep understanding of the farmers' needs and expectations of our products. Therefore, my experience comes in particularly handy in the development of new products and machines. I am good at finding out the reason why something does not work as expected - whether it is mounted incorrectly, whether there is a fault in the product or whether it is about the use".

Driven by creativity – complex solutions in simple wrapping
In his own words, Niels is motivated by creating brilliant solutions where more functions are achieved with fewer means. ”It’s about finding simple solutions that aren't necessarily simple", he says, adding that SØBY is a good playground for ideas and new solutions.” We have an open dialogue and can act quickly when needed. I thrive best in a flat organization like here, with room to put my skills to use. It provides value for the customers, but certainly also for me", he concludes.

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