14 October 2022

New dealer portal and webshop - guide to your first login

Visit SØBY's new dealer portal, where you as a user can shop for products online


Now it will be even easier to do business with SØBY. That is why we have collected everything you as a dealer need on your own profile on our new dealer portal.

What has changed?
As a dealer with us, you have always had access to a closed portal, where you have had access to drawings and documentation. That's how it still is. But with the new dealer portal, you get your own profile, and thus the opportunity for a much more user-tailored experience. For instance, you can choose favorites from your preferred products for a quick and easy re-ordering process.

Direct sales from new webshop
As something completely new, we now make products and accessories available directly from our online shop. This means that you as a dealer can find prices, specifications and order history with a few clicks - and order immediately if you need it.

Get started
If you are ready to get started, we have collected materials to help you with your first login. Follow the instructions, which you can download as a pdf or watch on video. If you are a dealer with us, you can register immediately. If you need help, we are ready to help you further - as always. You can contact us at webshop@soby.com or phone 9753 5033


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Download guide ad pdf:



Watch the guide to your first login: