26 April 2023

EN-1090 certification: what does it mean for our partners?

SOBY is certified by EN1090...but what does that mean to our business partners?

SØBY is certified according to EN1090...but that's not the real treat: This particular certification is REALLY interesting for our customers in free-standing towers, walkways and supports!


In short, the certification means that we comply with international requirements for calculation, welding and surface treatment of structural steel. But in fact, we do things a LITTLE differently around those two things, and this is a direct benefit for our customers:

  • We do not weld, but bolt the items together onsite.
  • We use galvanized steel plate, which simplifies the process of surface treatment.


Why is that an advantage?

  • The towers can be transported in smaller pieces on ordinary pallets - instead of special transport.
  • The items can be produced as standard. This means lower production costs and faster delivery times.
  • No extra costs for lack of documentation
  • Documented reliable and durable items


We do not compromise on our value as a business partner! If you want to know more, we write about it in the SOBY Circle.

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