15 June 2023

Customer case: the equipment is just a cut better

Hans Rauff is a farmer and runs a chicken farm and crop production. He has become acquainted with SØBY through a dealer in connection with the crop production. Here he talks about the cooperation and why it works for his company.

Always offers to help
" SØBY has always made good products and grain equipment and offered to help when we were needing something - and we have almost exclusively used them for the last 35-40 years."

The equipment is just a cut better
" We use very different conveying equipment and fans from SØBY - e.g., elevators, conveyors, augers, and hoppers. We are well satisfied with all their equipment.

Sometimes other manufacturers contact us and then we might try their equipment. But it always ends up with the fact that we must pick up something at SØBY, anyway. Their equipment is just a cut better."

SØBY helped us when other equipment was worn out in no time
"We use for instance shells for our chicken, and at one point we used auger flights for the shells from another manufacturer – but there were worn out in no time. They were simply made with too little and too thin material. Therefore, we drove to SØBY and talked to Frants so we could get some equipment that worked instead."

They know what we need
" Another advantage of SØBY is that they know what we need - what we need the equipment for - and then they make it to suit the purpose."

Silos from a different dealer – augers from SØBY
SØBY does not make siloes, so we use a dealer for this. However, we ended up disassembling “the inborn” augers and installed those from SØBY instead. They are just working.

Costs more because it is worth more
" For me, there is clearly a connection between the price and the quality of the equipment I can buy at SØBY. It costs more because it is worth more.

I often hear about something that is cheaper - but usually I do not dare to buy it. Because it is not cheap in the end."

They never say no to helping
"Something else I appreciate about SØBY is the people there. We have known them for a lifetime and they have never said no to helping us with anything when we have called them: ”We will solve this,” they say instead. ” You just come by.”

In that way, they are also a magnificent family. And that also makes us stick with them. It gives me peace at mind to know that if I run into a problem, then they are there – and will help me."

I can vouch for them
Over time, they have constantly improved their equipment - so it keeps getting better. In fact, I cannot come up with anything about them, which I am not satisfied with.

If I were to advise another - perhaps newly started - farmer, I would say that he or she cannot go wrong with SØBY's equipment within transport and aeration equipment. So, I would recommend this. I can vouch for them."

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Hans Rauff is a farmer

He runs a chicken farm and crop production

His cooperation with SOBY happens through a dealer

He uses fans and conveying equipment from SØBY

For instance, elevators, conveyors, augers, and hoppers.