10 October 2023

We welcome Dennis Madsen

New employee: Dennis is our new area sales manager

Dennis Madsen started with us as Area Sales Manager on 1 October. He brings a background and experience within the agribusiness industry that makes him an important resource for our team. He is good at understanding and dealing with the complex challenges that come with everyday tasks in the agro industry. He has built up an in-depth knowledge of the industry, which will be decisive for his work here with us.

The first step in ensuring that the customer's needs are met

As Area Sales Manager, Dennis will have a number of important tasks. He will have close contact with our customers, and he must be the first link in ensuring that our products and solutions meet their needs. He will also work closely with our sales team to develop strategies that can strengthen our presence in the agribusiness.

Dennis' experience and skills are a valuable addition to our organization and we look forward to seeing his contributions in action. Welcome to the theme, Dennis!

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Dennis Madsen, Area Sales Manager



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