30 September 2022

Therkel received the metal industry's apprentice award

It is with great pride that we share the news that our apprentice Therkel was among the recipients of the trade award "Metalindustriens Lærlingepris" on 30 September 2022.

He has been nominated for the award by the school and the company. In the setting it read:

- Therkel is completely unique and without comparison both professionally and personally. He is loyal and stable. He is helpful to his colleagues, he is committed and curious to learn new things. Therkel is extremely conscientious, loves modern technology and has been a significant contributor to the start-up of a new robot in our production, just as he has continuously contributed to the development of process optimization tools. All in all, Therkel deserves extra recognition for the work and for a school period as an EUX apprentice, where he got the highest marks in both the matriculation exam and the apprentice test.

Several news articles on Therkel's recognition
After receiving the award, several media were on the scene with articles about Therkel and his great performance. The trade magazine "Tekniq" talks about the award and mentions Therkel as being among the recipients. The local news medium "Skive Folkeblad" subsequently wrote an entire article about Therkel.

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