14 October 2022

SØBY has been awarded as a successful company in 2022

SØBY has distinguished itself as a successful company in 2022. It requires a winning team, and Mette and Morten congratulate the employees.

"Morten and I are super proud to be part of this year's successful companies 2022. It requires a winning team - well fought and congratulations to EVERYONE in team SØBY. Many thanks to BDO and Spar Nord for the award.”

The initiators behind the award write about the recognition:

With the business award "Success company", Spar Nord and BDO recognize the 1,000 Danish companies that are most successful in creating growth and superior financial results. They are pioneering companies and an obvious source of inspiration for other ambitious companies.

  • The Success Business Award recognizes and pays tribute to the 1,000 companies that continuously manage to create growth and strong financial results.
  • Spar Nord and BDO founded the business award in 2019 with a desire to pay tribute to a very special elite of small and medium-sized companies in Danish business life.
  • It is the 200 companies in each of the country's regions that make a special contribution to growth and prosperity in the local areas and to the Danish economy as a whole.


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