10 January 2023

Installations Perreault awarded as Dealer of the Year 2022

”Trusted Dealer of The Year” is an initiative from SOBY first presented in 2021. The award is intended to recognize the extraordinary efforts and results that have made the dealer in question particularly noted.

According to SOBY, the choice of Installations Perreault as this year's "Trusted Dealer of the Year" was what they refer to as a “no-brainer”. The company has excelled in creating outstanding results. Their approach to the market has been marked by curiosity, drive and ambition – traits that have made their mark on the company’s turnover and position on the market. As a business partner, Installations Perreault has been loyal and trusting. Our cooperation goes back many years and thrives on co-dependability and a fundamental drive to becoming better at what we do.

Improving position and skills
Owner and director at Installations Perreault, Joanes Durquet, accepted the award with gratitude and surprise. “We have not worked specifically to achieve this – but we are most grateful. We always want to improve our position on the market, but mostly we want to improve our skills. This is a great recognition that we appreciate very much”, he says.

SOBY values all partners highly but has initiated “Dealer of the Year” to recognize extraordinary efforts or results. Find the article on Dealer of the Year 2021 here.

More news


  • Installations Perreault provides solutions and after sales support within grain handling and grain storage systems all over France
  • They are committed to being close to their customers, in order to best meet their expectations and offer them quality service.
  • They maintain close relationships with their suppliers to improve flexibility.
  • SOBY supplies Installations Perreault with grain handling- and drying equipment